By marrying cutting edge technology and the world’s best components, we make industrial batteries powerful enough to dominate in the global arena.

We’ve developed a unique manufacturing process where components are crafted in Germany, the U.S or Japan, then assembled in China.

The result? We supply our distribution partners with world-class products quickly, and for less than other tier one brands.

Grow With Partnership

The demand for industrial batteries continues to skyrocket and the SEC Partner Grid will help you take advantage of these abundant market opportunities.


Locate The Best Battery

SEC manufactures an extensive range of industrial batteries for dozens of applications. We’re multi-faceted, creating powerful products with Lead Acid, Gel, Lithium and Nickel Cadmium.


Save On Energy Storage

We’ve always known that the successful commercialisation of renewable energy would not be possible without energy storage. That’s why we’ve been designing and supplying the right batteries for almost forty years.


Discover New Technology

Every SEC battery is created using our proprietary 16 stage manufacturing process. We marry superior technology with the world’s best components to supply quality batteries to our agents, distributors and resellers.


SEC batteries are manufactured using the latest technology and braced by the market expertise we’ve earned after nearly forty years in the business.

In four decades we’ve learned that quality is paramount and standards are everything. So we never hesitate to demand the best from our manufacturing team, and we only offer the best to our distribution network.

The clean energy boom and the drive toward energy efficiency has provided the battery industry with our biggest opportunity yet. The time is now and our growth game is strong.

Ask about the SEC Partner Grid to take your place in the Energy Storage revolution.


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SEC’s industrial battery portfolio is all encompassing. With 2 volt and 12 volt cells in AGM and Gel Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries, as well as Flooded, Tubular Plate, Flat Plate and Nickel Cadmium batteries.