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Energy Storage & Renewables

With industrial batteries you can store clean energy for later use. Get the power you need when and where you need it.

Time shift the power of the sun to your advantage.

Renewable energies like solar power offer an enormous potential energy supply. But because the sun doesn’t shine at night, that supply is intermittent. To see the true benefits of renewable energy, users need to capture solar power during daylight hours and store it for later use. That’s where deep cycle industrial batteries come in.


Whether you’re investing in a residential set-up, or a large scale electricity generation system, you need cost-effective and reliable energy storage. Quality industrial batteries are the best way to time shift the power of the sun and gain a fast return on your investment in clean energy.

After forty years of designing deep cycle industrial batteries, we’ve come to understand the special demands that renewable energy generation places on them.

Renewable energy users require batteries to hold up under repeated charge and discharge cycles that can occur at any level of battery charge.

SEC batteries are built to excell under these demanding and dynamic conditions. Their innovative design ensures high performance and durability.

Discover the CELLYTE ETGB, the TLG or the TSG series and view our entire renewable range by downloading the brochure.

Join the SEC Partner Grid

If you’re in the renewables industry than an industrial battery partnerships with SEC could be your gateway to success. The SEC Partner Grid will connect you with profit-generating opportunities to supercharge your business. Then we’ll throw in rewards, readymade systems and a support network that makes growth inevitable.


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