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Our Batteries Are Leading The Charge

More than a thousand sizes for dozens of applications

Specs That Set Industry Standards

With one of the most extensive portfolios in the battery industry, SEC is trusted by corporate buyers, distributors and resellers all over the globe .

Our SEC-label batteries are consistently listed as contract mandatory and we’re proud to continually elevate standards in the battery industry.

World Class Quality You Can Trust

Every battery and highly developed industry component we stock has close to 40 years of research, engineering and design behind it. We work across a range of chemistries with world-class technology experts to underwrite your peace of mind.

Best In The Battery Industry

  • Low cost
  • Time Tested & Safe
  • High Performance
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Unmatched Service
  • Efficient & Reliable
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“I have been buying SEC batteries for more than 13 years now… it’s incredible to say that my early purchases are still performing well despite being way over their stated design life – it’s like they want to run forever!”

Dion Harrison

Four Decades Of Demand

SEC batteries are fuelling telecommunication services, railroads and medical equipment across the globe. Our batteries ensure the operation of vital infrastructure and utilities. Crack the surface and you’ll find us renewing energy, making connections and providing power to the world.

We Have Your Solution

The SEC Industrial Battery Group is an independent battery design and supply source with long held supply contracts across the globe.

We will have what you need.

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