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As an independent company, SEC are one of the few battery manufacturers with the freedom to combine emerging technologies, and top of the line design.


This means we’re technology nimble and able to provide advice that’s not anchored by an affiliation with certain chemistries or manufacturing processes.


Instead, we combine the best components and the best technology to produce world class batteries and energy storage products for our partners.


If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner, connect with an SEC expert today.


Forging Powerful Partnerships

If you’re interested in the future of energy storage, or you want a battery manufacturer to supercharge your business, get in touch!

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We’re On The Cusp Of The Future

Industry acceptance that energy is a limited resource has resulted in an incredible wave of energy generating technologies.


But storing this energy affordably and reliably remains the key to change. SEC are the battery manufacturers that can make it happen.


With products to generate energy and products to store it, we’re closer than ever to cracking the energy equation.

Knowledge is Power

SEC has a finger on the pulse. We’re witnessing meteoric growth in the size and spread of the energy storage industry.


Technological breakthroughs are redefining what’s normal in the world of battery manufacturing. At every level of the battery production process.


From new chemistries and components to the latest suppply chain processes. We continue to invest in cutting-edge ERP systems and technology to harness the e-environment for your business.

Our Customers Trust Us

SEC is the chosen battery manufacturer for a broad range of leading blue chip companies.

Four Decades Of Demand

SEC batteries are fuelling telecommunication services, railroads and medical equipment across the globe. Our batteries ensure the operation of vital infrastructure and utilities.

Crack the surface and you’ll find us renewing energy, making connections and providing power to the world.

Improved Design Life and Performance

SEC Industrial Battery was the first to use a patented technology to extend the design life and improve the performance of VRLA batteries. We called it the SEC CatVent and its been supercharging our batteries ever since.


When inserted into the headspace of a cell, the CatVent helps to balance the electrochemical activity. As gas forms, the CatVent recombines it, halving the float current.


This unique technology reduces the effect of electrolyte gas, which would otherwise cause the negative plate to be depolarized over time.


We now include CatVents as a unique design feature in our premium ranges.

By constantly enhancing the performance and quality of every SEC battery, we help you to power your world.

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