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SEC Indonesia: our solar powered office


John Nicholas is a man with nearly twenty years of knowledge in batteries and solar power. He’s lived ‘off grid’ for 16 of the past 23 years and we’re pleased to report he’s in the process of lighting up the rest of Indonesia for SEC Battery. He does it all with the help of Jan Sullivan, long time expat and organizational genius, she’s our new Operations Manager and works closely with John to produce some remarkable results.

After many years in the industry with his own company, Solar Power Indonesia, John has now proudly become the Managing Director of SEC South East Asia. With Jan Sullivan and Heston Harper at his side, he’s leading our loyal team of Indonesian solar power and industrial battery experts in Nusa Dua, Bali.


Solar powered operations used to be something most people imagined as part of a distant future. John himself tells us he remembers seeing kids watching that famous 1970’s show: The Jetsons, and wonder if technology would or could ever come that far. Well, the good news is that it’s come further and farther than any of us could’ve imagined. We may not have flying cars, but it’s more than possible to use the sun’s energy to power an office with a dozen or so staff members. And that’s exactly what John and Jan have done with SEC Indonesia.
The office may not be entirely ‘off grid’ but at present, we generate more than 70% of the power we consume. And with the recent introduction of grid tie or ‘net metering’ in Indonesia we’ve also begun generating power to sell back to the grid. This both offsets the expense of the grid power we do use and relieves the peak load pressures that affect the grid’s overall reliability.


John speaks passionately and at length about the benefits of energy storage to a country where honestly, the lights do quite often go out. The problem in Indonesia, the same as it is in the rest of the world, is peak loading. The system here was not built for such rapid expansion and high usage at peak times. In everyday life, this basically means the people of Indonesia are prone to facing power surges or even power cuts when the levels of electricity usage vary so rapidly.
Solar power and renewable energy storage systems offer a permanent and cost effective solution to this problem. Even if companies don’t wish to go entirely ‘off grid’ it’s becoming popular to use what’s called a grid tied hybrid power system. This allows residents, businesses and larger corporations to use the grid more wisely. The process is simple, by exporting energy and storing it in SEC industrial batteries during the day, you only need to use the grid power at night when the sun goes down. For office operations that run on standard 9-5pm timetables, this can often be a perfect solution to reduce both C02 emission and energy costs.


John, Jan and the team at SEC Indonesia are well established now in Nusa Dua. They’re stocking a full range of industrial batteries, solar panels and everything else your business will need to start taking advantage of the sun’s energy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you’re based in Indonesia and you’d like to see what’s possible for your factory, business or residence.

And don’t worry if you’re not based in beautiful Indonesia! As a global company, SEC has offices all over the world and can supply a wide range of world-class energy storage solutions wherever you may be based.

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